How to Stop Just Connecting and Start Getting Business via Your LinkedIn Profile.

With over 500m LinkedIn Profiles globally and over 20m in the UK alone, your target audience is out there. Are you finding your ideal clients? Are you connecting with them in the right way? Are you building profitable relationships to create more revenue for your business? This is the great news . . . without cold calling and by employing the right strategies you can connect with your ideal clients from anywhere in the world and leverage your prospecting and marketing time.

Come to this session to find out how to unlock the true potential within your LinkedIn Profile. This is a value-packed session showing you the 2 sides to LinkedIn and the 3 key things to achieve in each of those areas. Simple, powerful and effective.

You will find out the simple strategies to implement right away to help you get found (for what you want to get found for); add value to your ideal clients and prove your credibility to them. You’ll also learn the simple 3-part strategy to make this work for you. Miss this and you will miss out on getting (more) business consistently from the world’s most powerful platform for connecting and doing business, bypassing the gatekeeper and connecting directly with the people who will become great clients for you and your business. There are millions of LinkedIn Profiles, meaning there are millions of Business People looking for Business Opportunities as a means to create more revenue for their Business. This is fantastic!! Without cold calling and by employing the right strategies you can do business with your ideal clients from anywhere in the world, leveraging your time in the process!

Location: Main Seminar Area Date: 28th January 2021 Time: 2:10 pm - 2:40 pm Fiona Caldecott at Norwich Business Show Fiona Caldecott