Sh*t happens on the road to success

“Shit happens” as they say and when you’re on the road to success you’ll realise that it’s not stopping it that is your biggest challenge it’s learning to deal with it that is key. As a high achiever striving for event more, you already understand how important it is to maintain optimum performance and excellence or you wouldn’t be where you are. To go on to the next level you know that you need to surround yourself with like minded successful people and go the extra mile. in order to create the success and fulfillment within your business and life.

You have goals that you want to achieve in your life and in this Masterclass Geoff Nicholson will help you develop the courage to level up your life and create a life that would transform your business, relationships with your family and friends.

Location: Main Seminar Area Date: 28th January 2021 Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm Geoff Nicholson speaks at Norwich Business Show Geoff Nicholson