4Networking –  The UK’s ONLY joined up business network.

Thousands of business owners members choose, from over 5,000+ networking meetings our organisation run each year all

Across the UK.

YES you read that right… FIVE THOUSAND each year!

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We really are the ONLY business network that gives you this freedom to network at ANY meetings.

Business networking needn’t be stuffy to be effective.

At 4N you’ll enjoy relaxed, fun and friendly business networking meetings and here’s the exciting bit… at each 4N meeting you get three guaranteed 10 minute 1-2-1 business appointments with people you choose.

Allowing you to talk directly to your target audience, decision makers and people you would like to connect with!

Our relaxed format connects you to new customers, trusted suppliers and experts to help you grow your business.

Since 2006 we’ve been serving up the country something unique, radical and effective. business networking, the British way – please visit our stand and let’s find out where your nearest meeting is and let’s get you an invite so you can see for yourself how 4N will positively change everything!


4Networking supporting Hashtag Events across the UK